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Collection of Lil Peep Albums + Tapes

For those of you who have been in close affiliation with our website for awhile now you will know that we first discovered Lil Peep at the ass end of 2015, before anyone knew his name. Before anyone was bumping his music and more importantly before Emo Rap was popularized globally. The influence Lil Peep has had on the publishers and community of our website is one that will not be so easily forgotten.

Our website is strictly for downloading music so I won’t go into any details on how he died, provided you’re interested in knowing such things there’s websites for it out there. Below I’ve compiled a list of his mixtapes ranging all the way back to 2015, and served you guys with a download link. Bare in mind that these projects are not in the highest quality as most of them don’t even properly exist on the internet anymore after a chaotic deletion spree that happened around a year ago.

Lil Peep – Live Forever (2015) [Download]

Lil Peep – Teen Romance EP (2016) [Download]

Lil Peep – Lil Peep Part One (2015) [Download]

Lil Peep – Hellboy (2016) [Download]

Lil Peep – Feelz EP (2015) [Download]

Lil Peep – Crybaby (2016) [Download]

Lil Peep – California Girls (2016) [Download]

Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober (2017) [Download]

Fly High, Gustav.


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