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YONAS – Everyday Like It’s Friday – EP [320 + iTunes]

Recording artist and songwriter Yonas had announced his new Everyday Like It’s Friday EP was supposed to be released on September 16th but was actually released in October in some countries and November 30th in the US.

By blending thought provoking lyricism with feel good musicality, Everyday Like It’s Friday gives the universal message that every day is to be celebrated. Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 show had premiered the lead single “Summertime Luv” months back. The upbeat song is the perfect introduction to the EP that will be a precursor of what’s next to come for Yonas.

Everyday Like It’s Friday truly is my life. Being the artist I am, who draws inspiration from everyday life experiences, my days kind-of just blend together. More often than not, I find myself roaming the city not worrying about what tomorrow brings, but instead living for the moment,” says Yonas. “Creating this EP I went back to just having fun…hoping that whatever comes of it, it’ll inspire people to live in the moment. To celebrate life and not just one or two days out of the week, but every day.”

01. I’m Good (feat. XV)
02. Summertime Luv
03. Roll One Up (feat. Sammy Adams & Roscoe Dash)
04. Everyday Like It’s Friday

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